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Envelopes are one of those products that appear to be simple; however, when you come to use and order them on a regular basis, they get a whole lot more complicated. They are an essential part of our everyday business lives with most office workers coming into contact with at least one every day. For this reason it is fundamental that we understand them and know the varieties available so that we can make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the right ones. There is a huge variety of different sizes, shapes, styles and colours that are available which is why we have created a site dedicated to explaining them for you.

What is this website for?

This website is designed to help you make the right decision on what size and style of envelope you need for your letters or documents.

Do these pictures mean anything to you?

C4 Envelope Diagram C5 Envelope Diagram

C6 Envelope Diagram DL Envelope Diagram

No? Well, you have come to the right place.

For a list of envelope sizes, click here.

For a guide on envelope windows, click here.

For help with envelope types, click here.

For help with envelope seals, click here.

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Postage Rates

Different sizes of envelope incur different postage charges in many countries, click the following links for UK Postage Rates and US Postage Rates.

Envelopes History

Did you know that until 1840, all envelopes where handmade? It was in that year that a man named George Wilson of the UK created a method where a number of envelope patterns were printed onto a sheet reducing the amount of waste produced when making them individually. Later in 1845, Edwin Hill & Warren de la Rue created a technique which involved a steam powered machine. This machine not only cut out the shapes from these sheets, but also creased and folded them too. The pair were granted a British patent for the first envelope-making machine.

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